While we were dating, we always dreamed of traveling the world together. Yet planning was always difficult because we had such opposite schedules, we were still figuring out our careers, and we had very little money saved up. Fast forward a couple of years, we are now engaged and continue to be a tad broke, but are excited to plan our adventures together.

This inspired us to create a travel blog for couples to share our experience and tips as a duo exploring by land, sea, or sky on a budget. All while chasing our own dreams of traveling the world. (Get it? that’s how we got our name!) Founded in October of 2016, there are many travel blogs out there but we believe sharing the adventure with a significant other makes the trip more worthwhile and memorable.

Thanks for joining us and we hope our experiences inspire you and your other half!

Who We Are

Co-founder of Travel Chasers
Your average wanderlust living on the Jersey shore with a hobby for fashion and a career in taking care of ears. My favorite thing about traveling is the excitement of going somewhere new and getting to see marvelous things you can’t find at home. Ever since I was little, I was lucky enough to go on family vacations. Once I got my first part-time job, I started saving up just as my parents inspired me to do so, which allowed me to travel to places like Japan and Korea back in college with my friends. Now it is something I look forward to doing with Dillon as we begin our lives of adventures together.
Co-founder of Travel Chasers
A traveling novice ready to take on all travels with Melanie by my side…. and as my guide. I am also a Korean American male, born and raised in Central Jersey. Just trying to figure out what it means to be Man and how to impress a lady in mind. After fighting in a cage and jumping out of a plane, I realized “tough-guy” experiences would not get me closer to the love of my life. It was not until recently that I realized traveling hundreds of miles away with her would get me hundreds of miles closer to her…

That and a few tasty beers!


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